Kei Anisah uses the language of dance to activate spiritual, psychology, and educational frameworks. Making a collage of healing arts, she designs and supports wellness spaces that promote embodied awareness, self-advocacy, holistic decision-making, and community empowerment.


  • I highly respect her process, her choices and her exemplary ability to organize information visually and kinesthetically for both adults and children…Most importantly, her implementation of the work brought about GREAT outcomes.

    Martha Eddy, RSMT/E, CMA

  • Thank you for creating such an intimately generous movement joining. Your prompts accompanied by text, your clarity of music, and just an extraordinary ability to make a sense of community in an odd new setting all taught me so much.

    Anna Brown Massey

  • No matter the problem, Kei was able to find a creative resolution that everyone was happy with. It was a testament to the fact that Kei has a gift for working and reading people and thinking on her feet.

    Neal Ludevig