Community Reflections

Martha Eddy, RSMT/E, CMA

Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator

Kei has given herself a challenge.  She engaged with a huge undertaking – correlating some of the most sought after concepts and principles in various fields of education in service of children’s ability to engage more positively in human communication…She has done a masterful job in scrutinizing what theories, elements and actions would serve this purpose, engaging in curriculum design (creating a unit plan) and implementing it while also collecting data (Action Research). She has completed this project with excellence.  To add to this she is well aware that while the art of dance is important much of this information can be translated to everyday human movement interactions – sometimes referred to as non-verbal communication…

I highly respect her process, her choices and her exemplary ability to organize information visually and kinesthetically for both adults and children. Each of her choices make sense given the definitions she is citing for each parameter. Most importantly, her implementation of the work brought about GREAT outcomes. I was able to observe her work on site twice and she delivered the material and handled the challenges that were present with elegance.

Neal Ludevig

Producer & Curator

…As Harlem Arts Festival grew and my own role became more demanding, Kei always stepped up. She began coordinating all of our events, managing and supervising our artists, assisting the production team, and helping with every aspect of load-in and load-outs. One of the most challenging parts of this is the enormous array of people and personalities Kei had to deal with. No matter the problem, Kei was able to find a creative resolution that everyone was happy with. It was a testament to the fact that Kei has a gift for working and reading people and thinking on her feet. Furthermore, she always made sure everything was complete, regardless of the time and what was involved. I knew I could count on her when a job needed to get done, and she would often stay late to make sure it was.

Kei also invited members of the team, friends, artists, and colleagues to experimental workshops that explored movement, emotion, and expression through dance and guided meditations. The events were free; an example of the kind of person Kei is. She gives freely, and always wants to find new ways to connect and get to know people. Even in its beginning stages, I personally attended one and left feeling relaxed, renewed, rejuvenated, and inspired.

Jadira Mora

Learning & Development Professional

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop retreat co-facilitated by Kei Phillip.  Kei’s professionalism and calm demeanor not only opened the space to allow for understanding and productivity, but various of her techniques/exercises such as the beginning meditation exercise and the watch your back exercise allowed for me to center myself in the here and now, which helped me focus on the goals of the meeting and not let my mind wander to what else I needed to get done and to acknowledge how we occupy space/ what are the limits and possible reaches of our movements. I think these exercises helped us be more understanding and focused in order to reach the end goal of our meeting, which knowing my organization we could’ve easily spent 10+ hours discussing the topics at hand.  Kei’s facilitation approach helped guide, our thinking, without being overbearing or so rigid in structure.  Thanks Kei for a wonderful working environment!

Shaday Fermin

Sex Educator & Wellness Advocate

Kei’s presence alone is a gift of the earth. She is so attuned to herself and the needs of others. She performed a reiki session for me at the hospital I was staying after I had a cyst erupt. After feeling unseen by medical practitioners, Kei’s energy work made me feel safe and at peace after a long day of tests.  I think reiki is a wonderful practice outside or within an outdoor environment like near water.

Anna Brown Massey

Multidisciplinary Artist & Teacher

Thank you for creating such an intimately generous movement joining. Your prompts accompanied by text, your clarity of music, and just an extraordinary ability to make a sense of community in an odd new setting all taught me so much.

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