Body Language Arts

Body Language Arts: A Dance Approach to SEL is a conceptual model and curriculum that bridges the principles of creative dance, movement analysis, and social emotional learning (SEL) to nurture the holistic development of children in schools. The project supports key developmental competencies of CASEL and was piloted in two New York City public schools with late elementary students.

Through the coordinated structure of inquiry, games, and debriefs, participants explore how verbal language and conscious movement choices are connected to their senses (auditory, visual, proprioception), emotional expression, interpersonal communication, and environment. By actively participating in each session, students engage in a collaborative and self-empowered learning space that provides opportunities for play, stress-relief, self-advocacy, and community-building.


Drawing inspiration from its location, BLA Sessions are customized to fit its social environment with acknowledge for the needs and preferences of the people present.

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