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Market Place of the Future 2018

In the future, there will not be a difference between “social impact” and “non-social-impact” companies. All businesses will be working with people and planet in mind. Today, many of these companies are still in startup mode and beginning to show themselves as seedlings of what’s to come.

On September 28th, one of the premiere weekend celebrations for Climate Week NYC took place at a 15,000 sq. foot loft on the 15th floor in the iconic Starrett-Lehigh Building (located on 26th Street in Manhattan). The event featured more than 30+ sustainable vendors, zero-waste food, complimentary conscious beer/wine, live music (provided by the Kennedy Administration), artists painting murals, a number of interactive activities, stargazing, and a short panel discussion, bringing together leaders in the areas of sustainability, environmentalism, social good, and wellness, highlighting emerging companies that are tackling pressing issues related to climate change.

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